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Information for personal trainers


PerTrainer's tools allow you to create your own library of workout templates for all workout needs. You will be able to design individual workout sessions or workout programs that last for a period of time. Once your workout library is built you can fine tune your programs and sessions for individual clients. Then just forward session templates to your clients and easily track their progress.

Working with clients

PerTrainer allows you to both work with your existing clients and acquire new clients through website search. Simply make your information available on the website and wait fot them to contact you. As a limited time offer this service is available absolutely FREE. Upgrade to Personal Trainer account is available for a low monthly fee of just $9.99 and allows you access to workout information of your clients registered and using PerTrainer site or PerTrainer application on their iPhones. Personal Trainer account will also allow you to send workout suggestions to your clients and to make promotional offers to clients looking for Personal Trainer in your area.