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PerTrainer is now available on iPhone.


Click here to get PerTrainer for your iPhone for low price of just $4.99 $2.99 (!!!). Enjoy seemless syncronization of exercises that you tracked in a gym using your iPhone. Plan sessions on the website and see them right away on your iPhone. Get suggestions from your personal trainer using this website and see them synced wirelessly to your iPhone.

iPhone workflow

Main Screen
On the main screen select Start Exercise to start loggin your exercises immediately
Session Screen
You'll be taken to an empty session screen where you should hit + in the upper left corner to add exercises you wish to do. You can add all exercises at once, or add them and log them as you go.
Categories Screen
Select exercise category from the list.
Exercises Screen
Then select the exercise from the list, or click on Details Accessory Button to see detailed exercise description.
Exercise Details Screen
Read detailed exercise description.
Session Screen with Exercises
Add another exercise and tap on it to see...
Exercise Sets screen
...exercise detail screen, where you can record your sets detail and see a convenience timer to pace yourself at desireable speed.
Add Set Screen