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How Does It Work?


Our primary mission is first and foremost to help you maintain good health and good body through proper diet and exercise. We're starting this site as a tool for logging your gym sessions and tracking your progress over the time. We will be expanding the functionality of this site to include your diet tracking and dietary advises from nutrition experts from all over the world.

Exercise Planning

With tools available on this site you will be able to design individual workout sessions or build workout programs that may last several weeks or months. Simply create new workout session template and add exercises from our extensive built-in exercise database. Or you can add your own exercises and make them available to the public if you wish. You can also browse our public exercise database and workout library, that has been made available to you by other members of this site, both regular folks like yourself and professional trainers.

Professional Advice

If you already have a personal trainer with whom you work on a regular basis, you can allow them the access to your workout history by simply giving them your email or username on this site. If registered here, your personal trainer will also be able to build and suggest workout programs designed specially for you, so that you can exercise on your own when your trainer is not available, or if you want to simply save some money by working out on your own.