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Online Pesonal Trainer

Personal Trainer
Your Online Personal Trainer

This website started as an idea for an iPhone app, and then evolved into a full scale workout system for tracking, researching and collaborating on your workouts. Here not only will you be able to track your exercises, but also work with your peronal trainer (if you have one and he is techically savvy enough for online workout management) to develop workout programs designed specifically for your needs.

iPhone App

With PerTrainer iPhone application it will be easy for you to

  • Track your exercises and workout progress.
  • Browse the list of available exercises.
  • Add your own exercises with images.
  • Design your workout sessions.
  • Recieve recommendations from your personal trainer right on your iPhone.
iPhone screenshot
iPhone screenshot

Sessions you track or design on your iPhone get seamlessly synchronized with website and vice versa. If you prfeer to leave your phone in the locker you can print out the session you designed for yourself and track it on a piece of paper. When you are done, you can record it either using your iPhone or directly on the website. Either way information will get synchronized both ways.